Mobile & Cloud



The trend in today’s business environment is moving towards that of mobile printing and cloud storage. This technology allows businesses to handle printing unlike ever before. With software Systems from PaperCut and Equitrac, OBE offers customers the leading software Systems for mobile printing.

The Benefits of Mobile Printing & the Cloud include:

  • Monitor and Track Printing Unlike Ever Before
  • Reduce Your Environmental Impact
  • Manage Wireless Printing from Your Mobile Device
  • Fully Customisable Mobile Printing Options
  • Track Print Job Progress in Real Time
  • Set Printing Quotas
  • Discover How Much Paper You Can Truly Save
  • Customised Reports

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing Mobile Printing from OBE. Mobile Printing allows you to take Print Management to an entirely new level and get the most out of your Print Management program. To learn more about the latest in mobile technology and how you can get started with Print Management from OBE, please contact us today!