Print Management

In business today it is important that you are aware of all of your expenses and how they affect your business. Are you aware of the costs of printing in your business, and are you taking the necessary steps to reduce these print related costs? On average, printing can comprise up to 2% of your annual budget. Left unmanaged this cost grows larger each year.

Office printing is one of the most significant areas that you could be saving money each year. Typically most businesses don’t have the capability to properly monitor and track printing so they can make the necessary reductions.

With Print Management from OBE, you can feel comfortable knowing that your print environment is fully optimised, maximising your productivity while minimising costs. This allows you to discover problem areas in your business and make the necessary adjustments to begin saving today!

There are many benefits to utilising Print Management in your office, including:

  • Discover all of the devices that users are printing to, identify bottlenecks and learn more about how printing can be optimised within your office.
  • Monitor and track detailed printing information across your entire company.
  • Get an overview of printing unlike ever before, from departmental overviews to individual user printing reports.
  • Calculate the actual costs of printing and copying in your office, down to individual device and user costs.

To learn more about Print Management and how your business can get started today, please contact us!