Document Management

Online Business eSystems provides businesses just like yours with the latest Document Management solutions that revolutionise the way that your business handles documents. From digital storage to enhancing your workflows, OBE understands what it takes to create a state of the art Document Management system and the benefits that it will bring to your business. OBE is a full service company, which allows us to help enhance every aspect of your print and document needs, from production equipment to the latest in print and document management software. This gives you even more opportunities to increase productivity and reduce costs, all with a few simple changes.

What is Document Management

Every business has a method of handling documents, whether it is through paper filing and storage or more modern digital methods. With advancements in technology over the last decade, digital Document Management has become the premier method of handling documents in business, giving businesses the technology to optimise document processes in ways that were never thought possible.

How Does it Help?

Document Management systems from OBE streamline your business processes, ensuring that you always maintain a high level of security and exceed productivity standards within your business. Also, your employees can collaborate easier than ever, whether they are across the hall from each other or across the globe.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Paper documents that are stored in your office are vulnerable, which means that once the data is lost it is gone forever. Document Management helps ensure all of your data is backed up, so if the unthinkable does occur your business still has access to all of your most important files.

Increase Security

We all need to think about security in this digital age. As the average computer user becomes more adept at accessing information, it is necessary to add multiple layers of encryption so that your data remains safe. With the ability to set permissions, add password protection and lock users out of files and folders, your data will remain safe and only those who are supposed to have access will be granted access.

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