Where is your money going?

Online is a leading provider of print management and cost recovery solutions in the Goldfields. Discover how our solutions will enable you to visualise and reduce the cost and environmental impact of printing within your business.

Every office worker prints - and nearly every office wastes paper, toner, time and money by printing the wrong document or version, printing too many copies, or forgetting to collect their documents from the printer. Between invoicing, record keeping and communications, most businesses are thought to be spending between one and three percent of their annual revenue on print costs.

What if you could…

  • Better monitor the use of printers and copiers, track results, and measure the savings?
  • Pinpoint where you can gain efficiencies by identifying underused and misused devices?
  • Allocate costs back to the department, cost center, or site to meet printing budgets?
  • Virtually eliminate unclaimed (wasted) print jobs?
  • Assign staff individual print quotas or allow them to charge to a departmental quota?
  • Set print rules around colour, duplex, job size and most efficient device?
  • Implement secure print release at shared printers to help eliminate small, costly-to-run personal devices?
  • Minimise the amount of paper and printer consumables you use each month?

Our print management and cost recovery solutions will enable you to optimise and manage your printing environments by saving money and implementing environmentally-friendly initiatives but most of all; we can make your printing costs apparent.

Track detailed usage

Gain knowledge of your printing and copying environment by tracking detailed information by device, user, or department and allocate costs back to the specific department, group, or cost center.

Create and send reports

Produce a variety of summary reports, accessible from any web browser. Our customisable reports can provide insights that can help you address specific questions and concerns about usage.

Reduce costs

Contain costs by setting page limits for each user or department. To help limit excessive printing, ensure the right devices are being used for the right function. Confirm that the necessary devices are in the required locations to optimise your print environment.

Online are specialists in print management and document security and have been in the printing industry for more than two decades. We would love to discuss how our business solutions can provide your business authentication and accounting capabilities, helping you improve overall productivity and meet compliance regulations.
Have a chat with your account manager, call us on 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS department to learn more.