Touchscreen POS Terminals - Sales power at your fingertips

Point of Sale systems have come a long way since the days of the                                  mechanical cash register, with new advancements coming in leaps and bounds. While electronic cash registers still have a strong place in the modern world, POS terminals are becoming quite the revolution. Combining the power of a computer and LCD screen with the functions of a cash register technology has opened the doors for a whole range of new and wonderful point of sale functionality. Technological and engineering advancements have allowed for cheaper and more powerful computer systems with touchscreens becoming stronger and cheaper.

Introducing our 15" Touchscreen POS terminal with IdealPOS 6.03

Pictured here is the i15 model showcasing a touchscreen design without rim to provide flat and scratch-resistant surface suitable for all environments. What makes this screen really appealing is the IP66-rated waterproof front panel which will help protect your POS terminals from sloshed beer and other sticky drinks

Powered by an Intel Dual Core Processor, the Idealpos i15 POS Terminal offers desktop quality performance and yet it has minimal power consumption compared to a full desktop PC. Computers run better when they stay cool, so our IdealPOS terminals are all equipped with Smart Fan Adaptive Cooling Technology to keep the system cool in the Goldfields during our very warm sumers. Overall, the Idealpos i15 ensures exceptional performance, superior heat dissipation and low energy consumption.

Online can customise IdealPOS to tailor for your precise needs as well as demonstrate new and efficient ways to automate some of your business processes. We have a large range of accessories available for our IdealPOS terminals to ensure you get the most from your POS terminal such as;

• Barcode Scanners      • Dual Cash Drawers     • RFID and Card readers     • Integrated EFTPOS      • Receipt Printers
• Kitchen Printers         • Customer Displays     • Label Printers                   • POS Keyboard/Mouse  • and much, much more

The IdealPOS software suite has an incredible range of features and abilities to ensure your business can provide the best service for your customers while minimising the amount of workload needed to keep everything running smoothly. Some of these great features are;

• Direct integration with MYOB Accounting software      • Complete stock management, including stocktakes and import/export management
• Customer management with Accounts and Tabs           • Simple Drag-and-Drop button programming for easy customising of the POS screen
• Employee time tracking and wage management           • Gift Vouchers, Raffles, 'Happy Hour', Customer Points and Discounts

If you would like to learn more about how our POS terminals could enhance your business or to organise a free demonstration of the system, contact your account manager or have a chat with the PDS Department. We deploy POS terminals to locations all over the Goldfields and can customise the systems to cater for your business needs.