Sharpdesk Solution Discount Offer

Sharpdesk Special

2015 is just around the corner! What are you preparing for next year? If your New Year's resolution is to do away with sorting and organising paperwork, Online has you covered. Our business solutions can cut down on time spent managing your documents!

Sharpdesk is a small yet robust document management solution that can make quick work of managing your documents. Whether it is rearranging pages for a school newsletter or adding the same 'Terms and Conditions' page to multiple documents, our solution will help you speed up those tiresome tasks and give you some free time to enjoy the summer air.

What is Sharpdesk?

Sharpdesk is an entry-level document management solution available from Online Business eSystems. Sharpdesk allows you to scan documents directly to your desktop and instantly file, browse, annotate, sort, search and share them with anyone on your network. It provides a neat, easy to use interface that enables you to work quickly and efficiently with your files.

With Sharpdesk you can:

  • Convert it to an editable document using OCR technology
  • Collate multiple files (of different types) into one
  • Index files for easy search and retrieval later
  • Print, Fax or email your documents
  • Drag and drop files into local directories
How can it help?
  • Reduce physical storage requirements
  • Keep copies of correspondence which would previously have been thrown out – keep more information.
  • Indexing makes it quick and easy to find required information
  • Allows users to receive files from multiple MFPs

Want Sharpdesk in your school or business?

Online is currently offering a complimentary license for Sharpdesk with every purchase of selected Sharp MFDs.

Own a Sharp MFD already? You may be eligable for a discount of up to 50% or more off the RRP of the standard package.

Sharpdesk is also available as a standalone solution compatible with all major copier manufacturers.

Want to Know More?

If you'd like to learn more about our Sharpdesk offer or find out what other scanning and document management solutions we have to offer, contact your account manager, call 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS department to learn more.