Scanning to Success

Whether you’re looking to boost personal productivity, departmental efficiency, or enterprise document workflows, Online Business eSystems has document scanning, OCR, and conversion solutions that can dramatically boost productivity, drive greater business-process efficiency, and enhance information security and compliance.

Did You Know

Statistics have found that for every twelve filing cabinets, a business requires an additional employee to maintain them.
This is just the beginning of what it costs to manage paper in an increasingly digital world. Online's Scanning Solutions turn your business' paperwork into digital files that are able to;

Make Business Processes more Productive

By transforming paper and business information into digital files, 

Increase Overall Operational Efficiency

Our Scanning Solutions can turn your everyday tasks into streamlined processes that take less time, fewer steps and enable your coworkers to accomplish more.

Deliver Financial Advantages to your Bottom Line

The conversion of paperwork and business information into digital files allows your business to achieve greater productivity, better information management, and lower overhead costs. Also, your customers will greatly appreciate the quick retrieval of their information, no more "I'll call you back in half an hour..."


But How?

Converting of paper into Microsoft Office documents

PDFs are a great, simple way of getting information from point A to B while keeping the document exactly the same wherever it goes but are not easily modified or updated without the original (such as a Word document).

The process of manually recreating PDF documents within Microsoft Word is costly. Globally recognised research group Coopers & Lybrand found that the cost to reproduce a single document averaged AU$300

Our Scanning Solutions can convert paper and PDF documents into editable documents, spreadsheets and images in less than a minute, saving a lot of time and frustration.

  • Benefits of a Scanning Solution from Online
  • Cost and Space Savings
  • Text Searchable Documents
  • Data Security
  • Information Accessibility

To learn more about the range of scanning and document solutions Online has to offer, or to organise a free site audit to determine what best suits your business needs, contact your Online Business eSystems account manager, call 08 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS (Professional Document Solutions) department.