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Have you ever had to spend the time to completely recreate a document or spreadsheet from scratch because you didnt have the original file available? Online have a range of solutions that have the ability to return your scanned documents back into editable documents, saving you hours of work. This is accomplished using the latest in OCR technologies.

Unfortunately tech industries have the habit of making great technology visible to only those who know the acronyms and have a good idea of the benefits it can provide. Everyone can benefit from Optical Character Recognition [OCR], so let's break the barrier.

OCR technology allows your computer to read and interpret the information that it has scanned rather than simply saving the scan as an image. As a result, manual entry of data won't be necessary anymore. The computer can understand the text and you can even control what specific information you want the machine to pick up.
Our OCR-ready scanning solutions are designed to give you high quality results quickly and with minimal effort, with the most accurate English OCR software packages available on the market. Even if you have documents in another language, our solutions can help as some can support over 40 different languages. With readily available text-searchable documents, you no longer have to sift through hundreds of pages manually. Instead, you can locate and edit scanned text instantly.

Benefits of an OCR Scanning solution from Online.

  • Save space - Every paper document can be stored digitally in a backed up, reliable unit less than a quarter the size of a single filing cabinet.
  • Digital Files - Less paper means less hassle, which allows you to find what you need in a quick and easy manner.
  • Efficient use of resources - Now that you do not need people to manually retype information, they can spend their time on tasks that require more attention and focus.

To learn more about the range of scanning and document solutions Online has to offer, or to organise a free site audit to determine what best suits your business needs, contact your Online Business eSystems account manager, call 08 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS (Professional Document Solutions) department.