Print Control & Cost Management with PaperCut MF

Founded in 1998, PaperCut was first developed as a basic print quota program for a local school. In the years since it has grown exponentially into a complete print management package. PaperCut is actively used in over 50,000 sites across more than 100 countries and is loved because of its innovative and easy to use interfaces. PaperCut originated on Australian soil with their first headquarters being set up in Melbourne. Recently the company has opened dedicated support centres in the UK and USA.

What is Print Management?

At the core, Print Management is the monitoring and controlling of printing in an effort to alleviate some of the expenses incurred from that area of the business. This is done by minimising needless printing and encouraging environmentally (and pocket) friendly printing habits such as duplex and grayscale prints.

What can PaperCut do?

When discussing the possibilities of the PaperCut software solution, the real question one should ask is what can't PaperCut do?

Most organizations start by implementing PaperCut for simply print auditing and silent print tracking. A trend seen from many PaperCut users in recent years is to make PaperCut more visible to the end-user. This may go as far as implementing quotas and budgets at a department level, but is more often today focused around environmental impact reporting.
"Find-Me Printing", which provides secure printing for private and confidential documents, has been shown to reduce needless printing output by up to 20% in medium to large office environments (1).

“After putting PaperCut MF through its paces, BLI technicians found that the platform offers most of the functionality small and mid–sized organisations could want in an accounting/print management solution. Not only does the solution have all the necessities for cost accounting, control and recovery, it also includes outstanding print management tools that can help organisations of any size better understand their document output and reduce TOC–for a price that’s lower than many other competitive offerings.”

There are also a few simple tasks PaperCut can do to reduce printing costs and maximize printing efficiency. Some examples include:

  • Enforcing duplex printing.
  • Redirecting large jobs to cost effective high volume printers.
  • Discouraging printing of emails via environmental pop-up warnings.
  • Disallowing printing of color in emails altogether.
  • Put an end to unwanted print jobs by implementing secure print release.
  • Acting as a print monitor and sending low toner and error notifications to administrators.

If you would like to learn more about PaperCut and our other Print Management solutions. Contact your account manager or have a chat with the PDS Department. We can customise a print management solution to cater for your school or business' needs

(1)PaperCut MF - Fact Sheet (2013-05-02)