The Power of PDF

PDF was developed in the early 1990s as a way to share documents, including text formatting and inline images, among computer users of different platforms who may not have access to mutually-compatible application software. Since the 90s, the PDF has risen to be one of the most common and preferred methods of saving and transmitting documents and therefore has become the de facto standard for fixed-format electronic documents.

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Online Business eSystems specialises in software packages and embedded solutions which allow you to harness the power of PDFs within your business, giving you the ability to create, edit and control your PDF documents in simple, efficient ways.

Easy to start, simple to use

First and foremost, we ensure our solution is as straightforward as possible, allowing you a seamless transition to newer products and technologies. Our PDF solutions deliver intuitive design and an impressive array of features that allows users to work with greater productivity while working within a familiar and comfortable environment.

Turn paper into PDF with a click

More than just converting a file as-is into a image-based PDF, our PDF solutions will allow you to create standard, searchable or editable PDF files directly from your scanner or MFP with as little as one-click. This quick procedure will give you a smooth start on moving your paper documents to the digital world and allow users of minimal experience to be able to use the software confidently

No more retyping

Have you ever had to rewrite an entire document because you did not have access to the original or never had a copy to begin with? Recreating a documnet can take nearly 1.5 times longer then the initial creator while you attempt to copy each little aspect of the document. Online's PDF solutions will help cut out the hours of work by allowing you to easily convert PDFs and scanned documents into different formats including spreadsheets. Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are faithfully reproduced with the click of a button.

Your Notes, Spoken

If you create large amounts of documents, sometimes having someone else read over them can help you out. Some of our PDF solutions have Text-To-Speech abilities, meaning your PC can read your document back to you in a easy to understand voice. Also available is Speech-To-Text which as the name implies, gives you the ability to speak your sentences and have the computer write it all for you, including correct grammar and formatting.

Fillable Forms

The power of PDF goes beyond simple image and text documents. Online's PDF solutions have the ability to create mobile-friendly PDFs that function as an interactive form, allowing you to collect information in a quick and precise manner. We can even have your current forms converted into a fillable format so they may be used in paper or electronic form.

Futuristic Features

Our latest PDF solutions have some pretty amazing features to create memorable and creative PDFs. You can now place live videos (such as YouTube clips) and audio files directly into the PDF. Also avaliable is digital signing, the process of signing a document with either an electronic certificate or stylus rather than the pen on paper method. While you may prefer to stay with the pen and paper method for critical documents, the signing feature can work well for document approvals and revisions internally.


Find a Solution that Fits You

Online has a variety of PDF solutions available to offer, which means we have you covered. Some great features and abilities of our solutions are highlighted below.
  • Equip HR, IT, legal, sales and other departments with the tools they need to keep the business moving.
  • Create, manage and distribute interactive, fillable PDF forms
  • Reduce work for HR and finance departments with easy-to-use forms with ability to perform calculations
  • Create, edit, manage and securely share important and confidential information
  • Convert PDFs into Microsoft Office documents (spreadsheets included)
  • Convert any document on your PC into a 100% industry standard PDF
  • Archive important documents in an internationally recognised PDF archive standard
  • Enhanced document securities to comply with internal procedures

Learn More

To learn more about our PDF solutions, contact your Online Business eSystems account manager, call 08 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS (Professional Document Solutions) department.