One Choice for Multiple Choice

In this modern economy, saving is everything. Whether it is time, money or taking those endless photos of the good times, we love to make every minute worth it. With the Teaching Assistant embedded solution for select Kyocera mulifunction devices, we can help you save some of those minutes for the more important tasks while your copier does the heavy lifting.

Take for example a class of 25 childred in a school, or even 25 contractors in hi-vis workwear doing their minesite inductions. If each paper handed in took only 2½ minutes to mark you'd spend at least an hour or more doing the same repeatitive process of comparing their answers with the real answers, scoring and returning the tests. Wouldn't it be great if there was some faster, automated solution of making and processing those answer sheets...of course there is!

Kyocera's Teaching Assistant is an all-in-one multiple choice exam system. It has the ability to make, score and analyse results for up to 500 questions with up to 8 answers each! All you need to do is make the questions and let Teaching Assistant take care of the rest.

Free No-Obligation Demo & 30-Day Trial

Online Business eSystems can perform a free inhouse or onsite demonstration of the software and install a 30 day trial of Teaching Assistant on any of your compatible Kyocera HyPAS devices. Click here to find out how.



How It Works A valuable tool for organisations that conduct virtually any internal or external training programs, Teaching Assistant simplifies the task of printing, collecting and analysing multiple-choice test results using popular bubble-sheet forms. It removes the paper heavy, time-consuming and error-prone process of manual test grading. Immediate detailed and analytical reports help educators to benchmark student performance, identify weaknesses and gear classroom instruction accordingly. Furthermore, designed as an embedded solution, there is no requirement for network resources or IT support because there is no server software to install or PC required to connect to.


  • Completely device based, no server or PC required
  • Bubble sheets and answer keys can be printed on plain paper, eliminating the need for special media and scanning systems, dramatically lowering costs
  • Productivity soars when time is no longer spent manually grading tests
  • Detailed and summary reports, including bar graphs, histograms, and test statistics provide teachers with at-a-glance or detailed feedback on student and overall group performance
  • Ad hoc tests can be created at any point, giving teachers flexibility to create tests to fill specific learning gaps

How does it work?

Create and print your answer sheets directly using Teaching Assistant on the print device control panel. Select which students to examine, the number of questions and choices for answers.
Once completed, scan the answer sheets back in to Teaching Assistant using the print device. Results will be generated immediately.
Email, save to USB or print the analytical and graphical PDF results again directly from the device.

To learn more about Teaching Assistant and what other embedded solutions we have to offer contact your Online Business eSystems sales manager or call 08 9091 4544. Online can provide a free, limited trial of the software if you own a compatible Kyocera HyPAS device.
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