Managing Prints Saves Money

Managing economical and effective use of your business' print assets is paramount to maintaining a strong, growing business. Printing in businesses has become a commonly overlooked expense with little to no structured approach to the overall environment. According to industry experts, the average print expenditure for a business is roughly 1-3% of its total revenue. With Managed Print Solutions from Online Business eSystems you can get a clear and concise overview of your business' print usage and expenditure within your organisation, down to the last wasted piece of paper left in the printer's output tray.

Luke McKinnon, CFO of Berger Group Holdings and its subsidiary, was well aware of this when he joined the company in 2009.
When considering how to cut company costs, McKinnon zeroed in on very specific operational components, printing being a particularly important area of concern. McKinnon explains his reasoning, “We’re experts in the field of engineering, not managing printing. I’ve learned over the years, however, that if you can measure it, you can manage it.”

As McKinnon delved deeper into the case, clues abounded. He encountered more than 120 copier leases and an avalanche of print supply and maintenance bills. That translated to more than 250 invoices a month — just for printing services — and a total outlay of about a million dollars a year.

“My first thought was, ‘There’s got to be a better way to do this,’” Luke McKinnon

"...Managed Print Services allowed us to see where and how we were spending our printing dollars and how we could manage it,” said McKinnon.

Today, instead of hundreds of invoices each month, The Louis Berger Group receives only one, which has considerably cut its accounts payable costs. In addition, it is saving money due to a wealth of invaluable equipment information. The company now knows if there are enough printers or too many. They’re also aware of what office is printing more than another office as well as which one is printing more color versus black and white. And if a machine goes down, it automatically triggers a service call to their MPS provider. No part of the printing process is left unmanaged.

Does your business manage money, people, and time? Why not have managed print?

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