Kyocera Net Manager

When it comes to copying, scanning and faxing, Online's latest document management solution offers a well-structured and easy-to-use interface as well as personalised shortcuts to the settings you use most.
Powered by Kyocera Net Manager, our solution keeps detailed statistics about the printing costs generated per project, user or department. Users can also access their personal printing account with a conventional web browser and keep an overview of their print jobs. These features help raise awareness about printing and reduce costs.
Kyocera Net Manager is a server-based application that streamlines and secures your document management via a simple and intuituve interface that can be used on most modern Kyocera TASKalfa devices.
The embedded application on the TASKalfa increases printer efficiency and speeds up the printing process: instead of sending a document to a given device, users send it to the server that all the devices in the office can access. The document can then be printed from any compatible device. This helps reduce printing queues and increases the overall security of documents, as the device does not release the document until the sender has logged in and selected it for printing.

7 Powerful Features

Authentication Log on to devices in one step by PIN, ID-Card or Windows Login. For added security, two phase authentication combinations such as ID-Card and PIN can be configured.
User-Friendly Interface Designed to be modern and stylish while providing immediate access to primary functions, the user interface is fast and easy to use.
Security ​Secure printing, data encryption and hold/release functionality ensures that your documents can only be accessed and printed by authorised people.
Reporting Access detailed statistics about the printing volumes and associated costs per user, project or department.
Personalised Features The embedded software remembers your most often used settings and saves them as your default settings when you log in, allowing ”One Button” operation for nearly all your daily tasks!
Scan-To Functions One press changes the destination of your scanned documents and their metadata (document information). You may chose between your home folder, fax server, email address and any other preconfigured locations.
Mobile Printing ​Print documents directly from your mobile device by simply sending an email to the Kyocera Net Manager server. Printed documents can be collected later by entering your credentials at the device.

Reduced Costs and Improved Staff Productivity

One of the immediate savings achieved with the implementation of the document management solution is minimised waste. Unrequired print jobs will never be printed rather than left sitting in an output tray - later to be placed into the trash.
Kyocera Net Manager also enables the prevention of unauthorised use of office equipment e.g. restricting access to colour functions or faxing.
Private printing with hold/release functionality on shared devices means that devices with high TCO (e.g. personal desktop printers) are no longer essential and can be replaced with central, more cost-effective devices.
No more lost printouts or waiting behind queues: documents are collected anytime from any device when you need them!
Minimal training is required to use Kyocera Net Manager - simply swiping a compatible card at the device can release their documents.


Online are specialists in print management and document security and have been in the printing industry for more than two decades. We would love to discuss how our business solutions can provide your business authentication and accounting capabilities, helping you improve overall productivity and meet compliance regulations.
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