Introducing the Orangebox

The Orangebox is a compact, stylish, purpose-built appliance designed by Online from the ground up to be a host for our professional document solutions.

What does it do?

What it does is entirely up to you. From something as basic as a file server with indexing for fast file searching up to a fully automated document management system capable of automating your critical business document workflows.

Where does it go?

The Orangebox is essentially a computer so it can go anywhere you’d put a desktop. Unlike a server, the Orangebox does not require a special cabinet or cooling system. The Orangebox is a “drop-in system” meaning for the large part, the machine is put in the business and connected to the power and network. With a little configuration it's good to go! The Orangebox is set up for remote administration, so we can provide service, support and updates directly from our office.

Why is it called an Orangebox?

Because fluoro orange is awesome? Sure! Our original packages were designed with a bright orange-coloured exteriors as it is a bright and easily visible colour. The alternate case and colour help to differentiate the Orangebox from other desktop equipment. While not all of our solutions-built appliances are packed in an orange case, the name has stuck.

What can it do?

Anything! That is the wonderful purpose of the Orangebox. It is custom built to host the business solution you have chosen. If you are using it as a complete document management system, then it will have plenty of storage. If you are using it to manage your print cost and control then it can be a fast thinker. The Orangebox has only one specific role and purpose; to be exactly what your business needs it to be.

What’s inside?

The internals of the Orangebox change depending on its purpose, but at the basic level it has the same kind of components you would find in a modern, high-end computer - just packed in a small case.
Interesting fact: The colourful image above is what the central processor of an Orangebox looks like - at a microscopic level.

To learn more about our Orangebox range and the business solutions they can host, have a chat with your Account Manager, call us on 9091 4544 or email the PDS department to learn more.