Go Green Print Management

At a time when businesses are under pressure to service customers with less resources, secure non-public information, meet compliance regulations, and establish themselves as better corporate citizens, Online Business eSystems is helping local businesses understand that print management software can help them address these critical tasks.
KeyBank, the 22nd largest bank in the US, needed a solution that would create awareness of printing, monitor and measure use across the company, and track and report the habits of its 16,000+ employees. Through the implementation of Equitrac, a print management solution available from Online, the company saved more than $2 million in printing costs over 18 months, reduced annual print impressions from 211 million to 123 million – the equivalent of 70 acres of trees-, and cut color printing by 50 percent. You too could see massive savings by implementing the same print management solutions within your business.
“Print management works. KeyBank went through a significant cultural transformation, a dramatic reduction of our footprint, and our IT staff has saved an enormous amount of time through vastly superior management of our print environment,” said Angie Masini-Sloan, Senior VP & Director of IT Procurement, KeyCorp. “And the entire initiative has been driven by our end user community. One page, one employee at a time.”
MasterCard’s Miami office, the headquarters for 11 field offices in America, is also using Equitrac to add security, convenience and accountability for its new multifunction printers. “When our copier lease came up for renewal we knew there was an opportunity to optimize our printing infrastructure by consolidating the hardware at our printing stations and to add print management software,” said Freddy Elias, Facilities Manager at MasterCard’s Miami Office. Freddy went on to praise the software solution’s results. The solution could now “allow us to apply stronger security measures for our printed documents, while adding the convenience of being able to print from anywhere, which is extremely valuable for our mobile employees.”
Paper-intensive processes impact organisations of all types, and present both risks in terms of compliance breaches, and opportunities for dramatic cost savings and improved customer service. Equitrac, along with other print management solutions available through Online, help reduce operating costs, provide a more secure, compliant environment, improve the core IT infrastructure, and drive environmental sustainability.

Online are specialists in print management and document security and have been in the printing industry for more than two decades. We would love to discuss how our business solutions can provide your business authentication and accounting capabilities, helping you improve overall productivity and meet compliance regulations. Have a chat with your account manager, call us on 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS department to learn more.