FMAudit for Device Management

What is FMAudit?

FMAudit is a compact but powerful utility designed to communicate with printers and copiers of all types to collect meter reads and toner levels. For our managed clients, FMAudit alerts us to low toner levels so that we may send out new cartridges before the old ones become empty. Not only does this allow you to keep printing anytime without fear of running dry but it also reduces administration time as you do not have to create purchase orders and then wait for the arrival of toner.

How does it work?

FMAudit runs in the background on a PC or server in your business and automatically collects the meter reads and toner lovels from all devices we manage on site. FMAudit uses SNMP to retrieve the MIB (Machine Information Base) data from managed devices on the network. A device’s MIB is like a database containing service information such as meters, logs, errors and other technical data. A device’s MIB data is completely separate to your devices scan, copy print and fax functions, therefore FMAudit can work away in the background without interrupting your work.
Once the meters and toner levels have been retrieved FMAudit Onsite then sends the information to our FMAudit Central server as an attachment in an email or directly over the internet. This information is encrypted for security and requires a username and password to be accessed.

What is an audit and what does it contain?

An audit is the collection of readings from all managed devices on the network and looks much like a spreadsheet.

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