End Unnecessary Printing

In 2011, US President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order to cut waste and promote
    more efficient spending - improving efficiencies through technology and demanding
        more accountability. In the initial estimates, the Executive Order has the ability to
         reduce spending by around 20% - saving billions. Learn how you could save too!

The Executive Order focused on 5 main aspects, one of which was titled
"End Unnecessary Printing and Put It Online"

Deploying Online's business solutions within your business might not save you billions like the US Government but it can give you a nice percentage saving on your annual costs. The first step in the move to a more efficient business environment is awareness; seeing where your printing and document management costs lie and how they can be improved.

With over 20 years in the printing and office automation industry, Online has the experience and know-how to assist your business cut printing costs and improve overall efficiency. We can do an audit of your business and help you target areas of high expenditure and also areas that can be improved and streamlined with the assistance of one of our powerful business solutions packages.

Here are some available features of our business solutions that will aid you in ending unneccesary prints;

1. Report print usage to staff and managers

Using Online's print management solutions, businesses and schools can generate weekly or monthly reports that can be emailed to each staff member and optionally their managers that shows how much they have printed and how much money those print jobs have cost the department. Just seeing this information on a regular basis will assist your staff  in developing a “think before you print” attitude and begin to alter their print habits.

2. Convert paper forms to PDF forms

Using PDF software to fill out forms instead of paper can have a huge impact on print volumes. We can make it easier to convert items like applications, expense reports, and filings from paper to digital using a PDF Solution from Online that has form creation capabilities built in. Our PDF solutions don't require IT assistance and we are able to provide comprehensive training for staff to ensure you get the most from your digitised documents.

3. Deploy Follow-Me Printing

One of the biggest areas of print waste that is common throughout most businesses is the amount of documents that are printed but never picked up, or are immediately tossed in the recycle bin. Utilizing a secure print release solution from Online can prevent this waste – immediately. Studies show a 10-15% reduction of output wastage after the implementation of a follow-me print solution; that's instant savings

4. Scan More

The earlier that you can get paper-based information converted to electronic formats, the less chance there is of that document being copied and losing track of the original or required revisions. The trick is making scanning easy.  Online specialises in scanning solutions that will make it possible for any staff to scan using the office MFP, convert paper to usable electronic formats, and distribute it to the desired location with minimal experience or training required.

5. Store It Digitally

Rather than printing documents purely for the sake of storing them on a shelf or in a cabinet, invest in a digital document storage solution. The implementation of one of these solutions will bring efficiency and cost savings to multiple aspects of your business. It also ensures all document revisions are tracked and stored in a central location rather than in multiple copies in different offices.


Online are specialists in print management and document security and have been in the printing industry for more than two decades. We would love to discuss how our business solutions can provide your business authentication and accounting capabilities, helping you improve overall productivity and meet compliance regulations.

Have a chat with your account manager, call us on 9091 4544 or send an email to the PDS department to learn more.