Drivve Your MFD's Into The Future Of Scanning

In our previous article, we gave you a brief overview of the two Drivve products that could help enhance your business. Today, we will have a look at how this is done using Drivve Image

Many of us are familiar with scanning on our copiers and multifunction devices. We place a document in the device, hit a button or two and a digital copy is placed into a storage device. You can't get much simpler than that. The real time consumer is the identification and sorting of those scanned documents afterwards.

Using Drivve Image, we can automate your scanning process and even provide the ability to have your documents automatically fixed, named and filed correctly. All done with a few simple options right on the screen of your MFD.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Online's primary focus when providing a scanning solution is the simplicity and efficiency of the program for the user while providing the power and functionality they require. By providing a scanning solution which is precise and user-friendly we are able to help you ensure that important documents scanned in your business are done correctly and efficiently. Drivve is one of our select solutions which fits these requirements quite well, providing you the ability to perform all your scanning tasks right at your MFD.

The Old Way

  1. Place document in scanner once file at a time
  2. Scan to PC
  3. Open the file on a PC
  4. Identify the main details
  5. Name the file appropriately
  6. Store in the correct location
  7. Send a copy or link to the document to select staff if required
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for rest of paperwork

The New Way

  1. Place all documents in scanner
  2. Open Drivve
  3. Select the premade profile for the documents to scan
  4. Let Drivve name your file and store it correctly
    • If the file needs to be sent via an email Drivve can do this too at the same time! 

Drivve Image provides a very simple, elegant and user-friendly interface to perform your standard scan functions. Each button can perform a variety of functions such as scan to a specific email, a shared directory, your private folder or even scan to a SharePoint system or cloud storage locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Better yet, Drivve can perform a combination of these tasks with a single profile!

Drivve Image is compatible with Canon's imageFORMULA Scanfront 300 and 300P scanners, making it the ideal desktop scanning solution



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Powerful Features for Premium Performance

Drivve Image with the Scanner Power Tools functionality can provide on-the-fly image enhancement to all your scans so you don't have to worry!


Border Crop

Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents.



Use the de-skew function to straighten the image of an imperfectly scanned document.


Image Cleaning

Make scans cleaner and more readable than ever by removing blobs and punch-hole marks. Delete undesired lines, such as those that often appear on fax documents.


Blank Page Detection

Streamline your scanning process by eliminating empty pages, even for duplex documents, and blank sides will be deleted from the job.


Border Crop

Eliminate any unwanted borders before sharing and storing your scanned documents.


And much, much more...

Drivve has many more amazing and powerful features to offer such as Exchange and SharePoint integration, foilder browsing and direct printing of files, user logins for custom functions and converesion to text-searchable PDFs.

Drivve Image is one of a select number of solutions Online has to offer. If you would like to learn more about the Drivve products or of our other solutions and how they can greatly benefit your business, contact your account manager or the PDS Department. We can organise a live demonstration of the software at our Kalgoorlie office.