Drivve - eDocumentation

Drivve software is created around one main goal: to make dealing with paper-based information exchange a minor part of your business’s day-to-day operations. With Drivve software in place, 'paper-pushing' can be isolated to a single place in the office. Just place your documents in the input tray of your scanner or MFP: the “push” comes the moment you hit that one button that magically transforms every paper document into a perfectly formed, intelligence-enabled “package” of information that your team, partners, suppliers or customers can share and, most important, act on.

Online Business eSystems specialises in the customisation and deployment of Drivve's two primary software packages; Drivve DM for document management and Drivve Image for image capture and routing.

Drivve DM

Award-winning, browser-based document management system delivering comprehensive functionality and certified security through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Let’s face it. Traditional document management products have always been something of a battle. Overly confusing and generally hard to use, they’ve tended to discourage the use of even a low percentage of features. Drivve DM is a perfect solution for your document management goals. 
Run locally or in the cloud.                         Made for iPhone and iPad.                        Don't just search - find!
The world is in a constant mode of acceleration, and speed is certainly no longer a luxury: it’s the path to market, to the execution of operations, to responsiveness. It affects bottom lines, market shares, and the success and well-being of the people who make up your organisation. So it’s imperative to have your knowledge base at the tips of your fingers.
Drivve DM accelerates those pivotal processes that play a key role in your overall office performance and synchronises workflows to keep your integrated network of knowledge running smoothly. Drivve DM keeps you and your team on the same page by making all your information responsive to your needs at all times, which means all the faster your business can roll.

Drivve Image

A powerful set of feature-rich, customisable tools for easy capturimg and smart processing of documents and the information they contain.

Scanning documents is a mission critical task for
companies of all sizes. To guarantee the most
efficient, enhanced and secure execution of this
crucial process becomes key to having a strong,
successful business. Drivve Image has the
power to tremendously optimise the
scan processes of virtually any
organisation or person using a scanner.

By bringing together a comprehensive set
of best-in class, intelligent scanning features
including foolproof security functions and a
ridiculously user-friendly design, Drivve Image transforms your entire network
of input devices into an exceptionally integrative, finely tuned programmable
ignition system for your workflows.

If you would like to learn more about the Drivve colution and how it can greatly benefit your business, contact your account manager or the PDS Department. We can organise a live demonstration of the software at our Kalgoorlie office.