Business Information Mobility Now A Necessity

In this modern world of technology, mobility is backbone of technological advances. Smartphones are becoming just as powerful as desktop computers were and some batteries are even starting to live up to the Energizer slogan; "keeps going and going". While businesses strive towards mobility and efficiency, one major aspect is left behind - paper documents.

People are mobile - as are their phones and laptops - and aren't always within the walls of their office. Mobile technology has given us anytime, anywhere access to our contacts, emails and messages. Unfortunately, paper documents cannot be in two places at once and are either carried with you or left at the office, with the former leaving colleagues at a disadvantage. Copying documents isn't always the best solution either as you then have to keep track of all copies and ensure people are not left with out-of-date information.

In a survey conducted by KRC Research, 92% of respondants said that information mobility is necessary, not just nice to have. In addition to this, almost 80% claimed that a lack of information mobility would likely harm productivity, business processes and innovation.

So what is the solution? 

a Digital Document Management System

By implementing one of Online's document management solutions, you can improve many aspects of your business. Employees may work more efficiently, with information readily available from minimal searching, customers will be more pleased with their service as they are not waiting as long while information is retrieved and the business as a whole will benefit from a fast, organised  document management system.

The team at Online understand that change can sometimes be hard. KCR Research's survey revealed that 3 in 5 employees find challenges in using new technologies at work but our staff are here every step of the way to ensure your business transitions are smooth and graceful as they move into the digitial document management environment, providing ongoing support and training.

If you would like to learn more about document and information management systems and what other solutions Online has to offer, contact your account manager or have a chat with the PDS Department

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Other interesting facts from the survey
  • 41 percent find it difficult to collaborate with coworkers located in other offices.
  • 66 percent sometimes feel overloaded by the amount of information they’re managing at work.
  • While 92 percent understand the value of moving toward a digital work environment, only 85 percent are excited about it

Statistics in this article were derived from results of a survey conducted by KCR Research on Nov 18th, 2013. Click for more information.