Renowned research company Longhaus conducted a study of print environments in businesses across Australia and the results may surprise you.

The big result

Longhaus' research has determined the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a printer fleet for a typical Australian mid-market business is between $151,000 and $286,969 over a three-year period.

If your first thought is that this high average likely to be because of businesses with giant, high-volume production devices, you'd be surprised to learn that the results of the study have told majority of devices in a business are small desktop single function printers.

What is an average Australian printer fleet?

A4 desktop
single function devices
A4 free standing
multifunction devices
A4 desktop multifunction devices
Digital Copiers, High-Volume Production and Wide Format
The most typical printer brands discovered include HP, Canon, Kyocera Mita, Fuji Xerox and Lexmark. 

David Finn, Managing Director at Kyocera Document Solutions Australia and New Zealand.

“The reality is that the Australian mid-market spends between 8-9% of its annual ICT budget on the acquisition of print devices, and a further 6% on ongoing operational costs for a typical print fleet. Totaling around 15% of the total ICT budget, this places print devices on par with telecommunications expenses as a single, identifiable expense.”


“Disturbingly, most businesses are missing out on opportunities to cut print costs by as much as 35%, simply because they are unaware of their real printing costs and therefore aren’t optimising their printer fleets. It’s a case of not being able to manage what you can’t measure.”


“As the fastest growing sector in the document solutions market, MPS and the use of software utilities enables organisations to build up an accurate and ongoing view of their printer fleet usage."


“It enables them to understand printer profiles and relative usage, and can enable them to optimise printer type and location.”


Through fleet consolidation using equipment with reduced TCOs and print management solutions all available from Online, your business could gain a saving of up to 30% over a 3 year period. Even more savings could be achieved if a Print Management solution is implemented alongside. To learn more about managed print services, contact your Online Business eSystems account manager, call 08 9091 4544 or email us


Read the full research results here.