The Big Picture

Check out the latest range of Interactive Smartboards and explore the possibilities

In my younger years, my school was lucky enough to acquire a few interactive whiteboard systems. These setups consisted of a short-throw projector mounted above a generic whiteboard and the interaction part was via a special pen-shaped tool with an orange tip which the sensors picked up.It was not too reliable when it came to precise drawings or being used in a well lit classroom. It is astounding how far technology has come in the last couple decades. It’s no hidden fact that the world is moving to touch-technologies; phones, computers, watches, even the latest range of fridges have touchscreens.

Why just look at a big screen when you can interact with it?

This is exactly what Sharp had in mind when they made their mega-sized LCD screens into interactive masterpieces. These monolith touch screens may share the same ‘Interactive Whiteboard’ category as their predecessors but they are an entirely new generation.

So why choose Sharp?

While the Sharp Interactive Smartboard range may not be as compact or portable as your “good ol’ projector” it is far more beneficial. No more worries of standing in front of the projection, or having to dim the lights just to read a paragraph of text. It’s literally a 60+ inch backlit monitor for your computer.

Interactive Smartboards of this type have been out for a while but simply cannot compare to Sharp’s quality and affordable price. Unlike most other manufacturer’s whiteboards, the screen and touch panel are completely integrated as a single device. There is no calibration to fiddle with as this combination works flawlessly every time. To use the board as a touch screen monitor, you don’t even need to install any 3rd-party software; simply plug it in to a USB port on your computer and touch away.

Here is a few cool abilities of the Sharp IWB range:

• Sizes from 60 inches to over 70 inches • Full High Definition display

• Perfect for a training centre or boardroom • Supports Full-HD video conferencing

• Comes with Sharp Pensoft Suite  • Use pen or finger to interact with the screen

What’s next?

Bigger seems to be better when it comes to Interactive Smartboards and recently Sharp have released a whopping 90” 3D Display. I wonder how long before they make it into an interactive model!



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