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Board with History


Do you know how old the whiteboard is? The first whiteboards were created for the public around the mid 1960s. Older than the internet itself (which was invented in 1969) the whiteboard quickly became a revolution in both the educational and business industries. In that era, smartphones and personal home computers were just far-fetched dreams of even the most technologically informed people. Since then technology has advanced in leaps and bounds with touch-screen smartphones becoming more common than their button-based ancestors. The whiteboard has undergone a technological overhaul too.

The interactive smartboard and interactive whiteboard are not relatively new technologies. They have existed for some time but largely out of reach to majority of businesses due to their hefty price tag. In many cases, training alone costed more than a regular whiteboard.

            One of the most cherished features of Sharps displays is how bright and crisp the image is, regardless of the environment. Sharp's interactive smartboard range can funtion both indoors and outdoors (even on a sunny day) unlike a standard data projector. The display panels are made to run 24/7 with no discolor or 'ghosting' that you might encounter with standard TV panels. This makes them ideal for use as information and advertisement display panels in nearly any environment.

Meetings, Collaborative

Sharp's interactive smartboards will put your business on the forefront of technology, bringing new levels of collaboration and communication. Whether you have given a presentation with whiteboard pen scrawlings or a PowerPoint presentation in a dimmed room, you will feel the difference with an interactive smartboard. Lights can stay on and information can be scanned, printed and instantaneously shared with meeting participants in the room or abroad. The smartboard is taking computing one step further - no fidgety mouse and keyboard operation, your presentation information is right at your fingertips. Literally!

Online's range of interactive smartboards come with...

  • 1920x1080p Full High-Definition, LED-backlit LCD Panel
  • 10-point touch on panel sizes ranging from 60" to 80"
  • Touch operated on-screen menu (no remote needed)
  • 6 Video Inputs (4 digital, 2 analog) to support common devices
  • MFD Connectivity (print and scan to board)
  • Front-mounted speakers, great for convference calls and videos
  • Up to 4 simultaneous users can write on screen at once
  • Handwriting and shape recognition improves presentations

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