Administration, Stress Free

In late 2013 one of our strong Business Partners, Canon, commissioned a research project:  To better understand the way in which employees go about their work, and the day to day challenges they encounter. Recently released to us, the results come from over 1000 individual employee interviews from various businesses; small to large. The results have given us a clean and precise look into business behaviour across the Goldfields and Australia as a whole, giving us a better knowledge of the steps that we can take your business through to make your transition to the digital age more fluid.

The infographics shown here are a peek at some of the results found during the research. 63% of employees have recorded lost time due to tasks that could be fulfilled more efficiently with an automated business solution. Of these people, almost all expressed their struggle at finding such a solution. Online Business eSystems have a team of highly skilled staff dedicated to finding ways to enhance your business and improve productivity across the board.

The ‘blind spot’

Many businesses are not aware that a scanning or document management problem exists. The research told us that 50% of SMBs (small to medium businesses) don’t have wasted time on admin tasks, yet over two-thirds of all respondents admitted productivity losses caused by repetitive and manual administrative procedures.
The numbers help to identify that businesses around us in the Goldfields are struggling to maintain competitiveness and a high productivity level - a struggle that our business solutions can help you overcome.

Where to start?

As with any challenge in life, to find a solution you first must identify the problems which may be hidden. Using the research results we are able to identify that 88% of administrative tasks directly involve working with data, document or paper processing. Close to half these tasks are data entry and the filing and searching of documents and emails. Our range of business solutions can help you save time and boost productivity by automating and enhancing six of the most common administrative tasks in businesses across the Goldfields.


Online are specialists in document management and file security and have been in the business automation for more than two decades. We would love to discuss how our business solutions can help you make better use of your time and resources, save you money and helping you improve overall productivity and meet compliance regulations.
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Statistics in this article have been derived from the following infographic supplied by Canon Australia: