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On average, two out of three office workers report feeling overloaded by the amount of information they have to manage, and yet, nearly 80% of workers say that their companies aren’t using new or different technologies that are available which would allow them to be more efficient and productive at work. With how technology is evolving and how the workforce is changing, it’s clear that digital document storage systems and information mobility are the most important business trends that affecting your business right now – and if you don’t have it, you’re going to be left behind in this new world of work.

What is information mobility?

Information Mobility is a term used to describe the state in which an evolving business makes smart and strategic use of technology to manage the information it needs to make intelligent business decisions. It’s about the innovative methods a changing workforce is using to become more efficient and productive. It’s about making critical information available to anyone who needs it, anywhere, anytime, on any device—no matter the format.
When you achieve true Information Mobility, information flows effortlessly throughout the business to power your big ideas—and achieve your organisational goals. 

Who is it for?

Information mobility affects all companies, and the people that work in them. Business leaders in every industry need to understand how to effectively navigate today’s new world of work. All businesses, no matter how big or small, are driven by information—and how we access, use and share it in an information economy. It’s the basis of every project we attempt, every business venture, every innovation. Information is at the root of it all.

What does it mean for your business?

In today’s highly competitive, always-on connected marketplace, your workers need the ability to capture, transform and manage critical information 24/7, regardless of their location.  Information Mobility enables this seamless movement of information throughout your organization. Businesses that don’t want to be left behind need their information to be as mobile as their people are; so they have the agility to be successful in the fast-paced business world of today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come.
Leaders have talked about “the future of business” as long as there’s been business to talk about. But now that phrase has more relevance and urgency than ever, when “the future” isn’t 20 years from now, but 20 minutes. And whatever changes we see then will have serious ramifications for your company in the coming years.

Where do you start?

Information Mobility is as unique as your business. To get there, start by taking a look around you.
Is your company missing any of the three core pillars of Information Mobility?
Policies and processes that support the differing styles of a diverse and changing workforce
Robust investments in technology that aid in the increasing of productivity and overall efficiency
Availability of anytime, anywhere, files and information to everyone in your organisation who’s authorized to access it
If so, it’s time to act. But don’t expect – or force – yourself to make it happen all at once.
Implementing information mobility takes time. But the results are worth it:
  • To make things easy.
  • To help your business grow.
  • To make information work for you.

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